Meet me

I am Mary Bedford, the Founder and CEO of NEUDE. I am a girl’s girl through and through, everything I do is to inspire young women to be the BOSSES I know they are, even when sometimes they don’t know it themselves. The modelling industry has been a part of my life since I was 16, it’s really allowed me to see the world, meet the most creative people and be inspired by people that are at the top of this industry. Before I fell in love with being in front of the camera, I studied as a makeup artist for a few years because my first love was always BEAUTY, CONFIDENCE & COSMETICS. While I may have stepped away from being a pro MUA, my knowledge still stands and is enhanced by always being in the makeup chair. I have had my makeup done thousands of times, by some of the most talented MUA’S on the planet, so I have definitely picked up my fair share of tips and tricks, alongside more importantly knowing what I like. That is where NEUDE was born. It’s my approach to the beauty world, my contribution to someone feeling and looking their best. This brand isn’t just an aesthetic, it’s a movement for those on the run, living their best lives, yet also needing a quick fix to feeling GLAM.

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